large tank aquarium filter

A Brief Guide For Large Tank Aquarium Filter

Like any pet owner, there are lists of responsibilities that one needs to cater to. It is the same in case you own a fish or a school of fish. The water in the aquarium needs to be filtered time and again so that all the toxic wastes can be filtered out. You could think of changing the water on your own every week. However, this is troublesome for you as well as your fish, especially if you have a large tank, you require a large tank aquarium filter. The fish goes traumatizing effect when removed from the water. Thus, there are filters available for large tanks to make this process more convenient and simpler.

How to choose the right filter?large tank aquarium filter

  • Types of filters: There are different types of filters serving different functionality such as filtering through biological, mechanical or chemical. Some filters have only one function whereas others can perform all three. Therefore, the different types of filters need to be known before buying a large tank aquarium filter.
  • Comparison: There are various companies selling different types of filters. It is always advised to make a comparison in terms of facility, quality, and price before buying an aquarium filter.
  • Size of aquarium: First and foremost, the thing to consider before buying a filter is the size of the aquarium as well as the fish that it is going to inhabit. Sometimes, larger sized filters can be harmful to very small fishes and only the compact shaped filters best suits for them. Thus, a large tank aquarium filter should cater to the size of tank and fish.

What type of filers are available?

  • Air driven filters: These are internal filters that are usually small in more suitable for small sized aquariums than larger ones due to their small size, as it occupies a smaller space. However, despite their small size, they are still strong enough to serve good filtration, without harming very small fishes of an aquarium.
  • Under gravel filters: These are filters that basically does biological filtration only. They are placed under the aquarium gravel layer such that the water is moved by the filter in such a way as to cause biological filtration. you can add other equipment to it such its functionality increases. For example, you can add a mechanical or chemical filtration system to it.
  • Power filters: These are the most widely used filters, which provides filtration through mechanical, biological and chemical means. They are mostly placed at the bottom of the aquarium tank such that the toxic waste products get filtered out even before they get the chance to settle on the gravel of aquarium.
  • Canister filters: These are the most suitable filters for large tank aquarium filters, performing filtration through all the three methods. These have the highest filtration power due to its larger size and different layers of media baskets available. These large baskets are able to hold larger amounts of waste.

Thus, we know the various types of filters available in the market. Different filters have different functionalities and advantage. There are various aspects to consider before buying a large tank aquarium filter. Thus, we can buy the filter which is most convenient.