Best options for pop up tent to buy at present

Trekking and camping have become new ways to explore places as it helps to make trips cheaper. Caring a tent along with luggage is a difficult job and thus pop up tents have become a very popular concept as it easier to carry, occupies less space and can be set up in a very short span of time of less than a minute. However, dismantling the tent and repacking it might take some longer time especially for a first few times.

Let’s look into some of the best available options at an ideal budget.pop up tent to buy

Quenchua 2 Second Pop up Camping tent: this one is easily foldable, accommodates about two people, waterproof and can withstand wind up to 50km/hour and is waterproof in nature and interior remains dark even when there is bright sunlight outside. But the only difficulty is that this tent is not very well ventilated.


Coleman Fastpitch pops up tent: this is ideal for four persons, waterproof, adjustable rainfly and weighs just about 7 pounds. But the carrying case for this pop-up tent is slightly large and it also might become a bit tight for all campers.


Malamoo Mega tent: this one accommodates up to four people and is completely waterproof and quite spacious in the interior. It has three large windows making it well ventilated. But the only constraint of this tent is the price, it is slightly more expensive than the other tents mentioned.


G4 Free Pop Up tent: this tent is cheap, accommodates up to three people, it is waterproof, very well ventilated, weights about 4.4 pounds, has two large windows which can be opened from inside the tent. The only con of this tent is that it becomes about 3’ long even when folded which might make it a little space consuming while carrying.


The 4 Man Cinch: this is the family tent accommodating four to five people, it is spacious, has LED tent stakes, reflective guy lines so that anyone does not trip off at night, pop out windows which adds additional space to the useable space. This tent is also very well ventilated but is slightly more expensive than other available options.


Quenchua XL Air III Waterproof Pop Up Camping Tent: this one is very well ventilated, accommodates about three people, made of waterproof fabric. The most attractive feature is that the windows can be left open even during rains without water entering into the tent. But this tent is slightly smaller if campers want to sit and spend some time as it is not high enough and its slightly on the pricier end as well.


These were some of the best options and accordingly, you can choose which is the best pop up tent to buy depending on your demand. All of these are easily available on stores across different regions and also in various online sites like Amazon and such others from where you can buy them, just prefer a trusted site for genuine products.