band saw the review.

Buying the best of band saws

Briefing on the band saw

A band saw is one of the particular kinds of saw that has a long and sharp blade to be used primarily in the activities of wood cutting, metal cutting, and lumbering. The blade is unique in terms of the continuous band of toothed metal stretched between two or more wheels. Being an improvised version over the conventional jigsaws, it is highly imperative to own the best kind that has a better tool life and would be worth the investment. Hence, the article presents in a generalized manner on the band saw the saw the review.

The types

The following are the broad types of band saws available commercially in the market: –

  • Floor type, which is used for the heavy duty applications and hence requires more power to be operated. As per the name, they utilize a lot of floor space and hence can be installed only in big factories.
  • Bench-top model, used for medium and small duty applications and can be installed in the homes easily
  • The portable model that can be carried to different locations quickly and hence enhance the range of applications

The ideal features

Based on the band saw review received, the following are the typical features found in every band saw: –

  • Offering a uniform cutting action that is caused due to the uniformity in the tooth load given upon the blade
  • Cutting the irregularly shaped portions like curves or conic sections with ease
  • Availability in different types and sizes, based on the tooth per inch (TPI) that renders the versatility factor to this tool
  • Powered by good power of electric motors that offer the efficiency of cutting forces to the blade and hence render a fine finishing on the job piece
  • Having a sturdy construction that can withstand all forms of shock and fluctuating loads during its entire tool life

The parameters to be considered

Based on the band saw review, the following are the parameters that need to be considered for the perfect selection of the band saw: –

  • The power of the band saw that defines the depth of cut and the ease of cut on the different materials. Higher powered saws would give optimal values of both.
  • The throat and width of the band saw that define the cutting capacity of the same and hence decides the threshold value of the material thickness up to which it can be used
  • The material of the blade, such that it not only maintains the desired physical properties but also does not reach the failure point during its period of operation
  • The speed of the saw that can decide the rates at which the products can be prepared on a full-scale basis
  • The overall costs of the equipment such that the affordability by the users can be enhanced
  • The manufacturer’s brand value and mane in the market

Hence, it is highly essential to own the best kind of band saw that not only reaps the desired results but also helps in proving the worth of the investment.