Seagull S6 review

Seagull S6 Review: The Best Canadian Handcrafted Acoustic Guitar in Range

An acoustic guitar is not just about the sound quality but is also about the build and design, and this is what one can expect from the S6 model of the Seagull. It is a great purchase for those guitarists who are searching for a perfect guitar without burning a hole in the pocket.

The features that typically steal the show are discussed below.


Seagull S6 review

  • Specially aligned hardware

In the original Seagull S6 review which does not show off electronics, one can find the perfectly aligned tuning mechanisms. These tuning mechanisms are great for keeping the strings straight and stable. Also in the hardware machines, one can find a Tusq nut, a rosewood bridge and saddles to hold the strings below the sound hole of the guitar. The Tusq is made from graph tech which increases the tone and the playability.


  • Simple but sturdy body and neck

With a scale length of 24.28” made of woods from Canada this guitar is simple yet have a beautiful charm of a classic dreadnought guitar. The woods included are cedar and wild cherry on the top and back respectively, also the neck in of silver leaf maple and the fretboard of 21 frets is of rosewood. Seagull S6 is both unique and durable in structuring, and all this is crafted with a highly affordable price tag.

Also, the guitar has a small head yet thick neck in which the tuner is put in line with nuts the stability of the tuning will increase. Also shifting from low to high notes will be easier for the guitar players.


  • Excellent sound quality

The sound quality of Seagull S6 is phenomenal when compared to its price and other acoustic guitars in the market. the music quality is a mix of full-bodied resonance, a slight twang, and excellent sustenance. The tones can be a bit chimney and bright yet have really thick sound from root notes.


  • Perfectly aligned tuning hardware to keep the entire tuning stable and straight.
  • Good tuning stability from thick neck and small head also the note shifting becomes easy.
  • The sound quality in classy and have great clarity.
  • All kind of notes can be reached from the chimney ones to the deeper tones which makes it perfect for all kind of guitarists.
  • The guitar responds well to all kind of guitarists and their playing style.
  • The guitar comes with saddles and nuts which increases the playing optimization.


  • It is a bit expensive when compared to other basic level acoustic guitars.
  • Sometimes the notes may become a bit too sharp and vibrant.


Though the Seagull S6 review does not come with many features it is without any the best to choose from the handcrafted acoustic guitars in an affordable price range. the solid and durable body with unique design, unmatched quality of sound and exceptional projection this guitar is something that should be bought by any guitarists whether a beginner or an expert.