Brother PQ1500SL

What are the benefits of buying Brother PQ1500SL?

People who want to invest in advanced sewing and quilting machine then it is beneficial for them to choose Brother PQ1500SL for their work. The machine has lots of advanced features and effective functionality that provide you amazing stitching and quilting and make you able to handle different heavy duty jobs and thick material.

What are the benefits of buying Brother PQ1500SL?

Excellent for quilting

The Brother PQ1500SL is not just a sewing machine as it is also known for perfect quilting on the market. This machine does not only have a huge amount of throat space to stitch any size fabric but also able to handle a variety of rough and thick fabric with ease. The machine has an amazing adjustable pin feed mechanism that ensures a high amount of freedom for you to have with the thread tension.

Very fast

This machine has an excellent and amazing speed rate that is 1500 stitch per minute that gives you quick and fast stitching. With this amazing speed rate, this machine does not get stuck easily and you do not have to take stress about any jerking, puckering and stalling while using this machine. With this machine, you will get an excellent mechanical design that helps to avoid the problems and issues of smaller machines.

Sturdy and durable

This machine is highly durable and sturdy that you can easily get benefits of this machine for several years. this is a very heavy machine at over 30 lbs and ensure to provide you high quality and reliable stitching services that enhance your level of confidence.

Not difficult to useBrother PQ1500SL

It is not easy to use Brother PQ1500SL for beginners as it requires some practice and trials to find the setting that works best for you and your fabric in an effective manner. Threading the needle and bobbin winding and installation is simple and easy to do things and most of the professional and experienced sewers find that they do not require enough time to handle the machine in a well effective manner.

Reasonable price

The Brother PQ1500SL sewing and quilting machine is not cheap but it is very reasonable for people with its capabilities and high-quality functionality that help you to fulfill your needs. This machine is considered as one best sewing and quilting machine that help you in the best possible manner

There are lots of benefits of using this machine as you will get perfect and excellent stitch once you know how to use the machine in an effective manner and then you will be able to make the unique and excellent design of clothes as per your needs and requirements.

Instead of all those benefits, there are some drawbacks of this machine that is essential for you to know so that you can make the right decision while buying this sewing machine.  This machine may require a bit of adjustment and it does not seem reliable for the beginner. Once you master of this machine then you have tons of adjustable options beneficial for you but it takes some time to understand all thins included in this machine.